Early Childhood Investment

To improve the quality of care and education for young children from birth till the age of three.

One of the key first steps towards this goal is improving the skills and professional standing of daycare workers, through a government funded training program. Today, only a minority of these workers receive formal training. Without adequate tools, they cannot provide high quality education, and this shortfall directly affects the children, throughout their lives.

After conducting preliminary research, we have concluded that a government investment of several tens of millions of shekels per year can result in substantial change within a few years.

This investment will allow thousands of daycare workers to be trained every year, with a significant and immediate benefit for the children and the workers themselves. While other policy changes are urgently needed, only this training program can be implemented quickly and at a relatively modest cost, making it the most feasible route to progress in a time of severe budgetary constraints.

Specific Objectives

A government decision to allocate a multi-year budget for a targeted training program, enabling all daycare workers to be trained within 5-10 years

Focusing resources on on-the-job training for people already employed in daycare

Conducting training within work hours, with full pay, to ensure high levels of participation (with government reimbursement to employers for the purpose of hiring replacements during training hours)

Allowing pedagogic institutions, in collaboration with employers, to design the course curriculum in accordance with their professional judgement and trainees’ needs

Comprehensive assessment of trainings’ impact, to ensure resources are allocated to the most effective programs

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