Strengthen Public Services Throughout Israel

The Change Starts from the Bottom

And Must Reach the Top.

We Are the Ladder.

הסולם של 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

The "Springboard" – Partnership for Investment in the Workforce of the Future

A strategic partnership between field organizations, activists and employers, will promote employees and the economy to meet the demands of the 21st century

Considerably Decrease Deduction From Income Supports For Employed Senior Citizens

Amending the National Insurance Law
to allow them to earn a living and
contribute to the economy

Meals Program for At-Risk Youth in Secondary Schools

Promote a government program to feed high school students who need it

Early Childhood

Promote professional training for daycare workers to ensure quality education

121 Engine for Social Change

A non-profit, non-partisan organization specializing in promoting socio-economic policy

121 – Engine for Social Change is a direct advocacy organization for social and economic issues, focused on building and strengthening public services across Israel to enable every Israeli to live with dignity and self- fulfilment. We are dedicated to uniting Israelis across sectors and partisan lines in promoting our goal of expanding access to services for all sectors of Israeli society.

We have unique and deep expertise in formulating and directly advocating for policy change, in partnership with grassroots organizations and civic groups, with a focus on health, education, employment, housing and welfare.

How Do We Do This?

We research and develop proposals for change, promote and advocate for them before the public and the government, and mobilize the media to create public awareness.

Creating Partnerships

Developing Creative And Practical Solutions

Promoting Solutions With Decision Makers

Raising Public Awareness

The Need for Social Change in Israel

Israel is widely recognized as an advanced, developed economy, yet far less acknowledged are the widening social and economic disparities that weaken our society. 19% of Israelis live in poverty, the highest rate in the OECD, and most of the rest suffer from economic difficulties. The average wage in many areas of the country cannot support the cost of living, and the social safety net is steadily eroding. If Israeli citizens are to fulfil our potential and advance economically, we must promote policy change to improve public services, offer opportunities for all citizens, and build a stronger, more robust society.

Our Goals

Encouraging public involvement through campaigns and activism.

Empowering and strengthening social organizations. Working together enables organizations that lack a policy arm to contribute to significant but focused social improvements in education, health, employment, housing and welfare.

Strengthening social infrastructure and the socio-economic network. To reduce gaps and ensure every citizen lives in dignity, with economic growth and social cohesion.

Which Public Services?

Employment, health, education, housing and welfare are the social infrastructure of the country. They are designed to realize the basic social rights of each and every one of us, and are the basis of our standard of living, economic activity and national resilience. The private sector is based on a strong and resilient society and relies on social infrastructure and state security, among other things. Public systems have a major role to play in private sector development and operation, as the private market cannot provide them at the optimal level.

Social infrastructure is the foundation of a society that seeks to promote solidarity and mutual aid among its members. They are the practical meaning of social citizenship and must be fully and equitably accessible to every citizen of a country regardless of gender, personal status, age, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, outlook, property, family, or any other identity.

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About Us

121 ארגון חברתי עצמאי

No One Sent Us, We Came Alone

121 ארגון ללא שייכות מפלגתית

No Party Affiliation

121 ארגון שותפות מגזרית

Inter-Sectoral Partnership

121 ארגון חברתי ללא מטרות רווח

Non-Profit Organization

Our Partners

Our partners are organizations, associations and businesses, educational and welfare organizations, that take direct action on socioeconomic issues. They serve different population groups, crossing genders and sectors, identity and politics.

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