121 Engine for Social Change

121 Engine for Social Change is a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to strengthening public services across Israel so that every citizen can live in health and dignity.

We collaborate with people from different communities and sectors to promote transformative social and economic change. We build partnerships with civil society organizations, business leaders, policymakers, grassroots organizations, and philanthropic institutions to create and advance solutions to some of the most pressing social and economic issues facing Israelis today.

How We Work

Raising Public

Promoting Solutions with Decision Makers

Developing Creative and Practical Solutions


Our Projects

The "Springboard" – Partnership for Investment in the Workforce of the Future

A partnership of diverse stakeholders promoting increased government investment in vocational studies for Israelis who are not in higher education frameworks.

Senior Citizens in Israel’s Labor Market

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re safeguarding the rights of older workers who have been dismissed or furloughed.

Early Childhood Investment

Improving the quality of care and education for young children from birth until the age of three years old.

Meals Program for At-Risk Youth in High Schools

Advancing a national school meals program for youth facing food insecurity and hunger in Israeli high schools.

About Us

121 ארגון חברתי עצמאי

No One Sent Us, We Came Alone

121 ארגון ללא שייכות מפלגתית

No Party Affiliation

121 ארגון שותפות מגזרית

Inter-Sectoral Partnership

121 ארגון חברתי ללא מטרות רווח

Non-Profit Organization

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Our Partners

We believe in the power of cross-sector partnerships between business, government, philanthropy, and community. We collaborate with diverse but complementary partners to develop and promote equitable, inclusive, and long-lasting solutions to social and economic issues. 

We create comprehensive and coordinated processes to enable our partners to work collectively despite their differences to achieve a real and far-reaching impact. 

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