121 Convinces Government to Pay Senior Citizens Due to the War in Gaza

Thanks to '121', senior citizens aged 67 and above will now receive a monthly grant equal to 75% of their last salary, up to a maximum of 4,000 shekels.

Due to the economic crisis created by the war, many organizations have been forced to place their employees on leave without pay. Unfortunately, this measure has led to a disproportionate impact on individuals who are over the age of 67 and are potentially more vulnerable. To make matters worse, this group may not be eligible for unemployment benefits, further exacerbating their already challenging situation.

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government offered adaptation grants to provide support for individuals without pensions or with low-wage pensions. These grants offered up to 4,000 NIS to help them cope with the challenges brought about by the pandemic. However, as of 2021, these grants have been discontinued and are no longer available.

The 121 team has observed many cases where senior citizens depend solely on social security for income, leaving them unable to earn additional funds.

The plan presented by 121 to the Israeli government, and approved by the Knesset

Just two days after the tragic massacre, a multitude of social action organizations reached out to '121 for guidance on their employees' rights. Their main concern was whether their workers could qualify for unemployment benefits if they were required to take unpaid leave.

The resounding response is 'no', and let it be known that the finance ministry firmly stands behind this decision without any intention of altering the laws surrounding it.

'121' took prompt action by convening a meeting of 50 top NGOs and businesses, enabling them to collaborate effectively and deliver impactful results. Displaying considerable solidarity, this group demanded that the government extend financial assistance to all those who were employed until October 6th, but have lost their jobs due to the ongoing conflict.

Unfortunately, the government rejected the group's proposal and has only provided financial incentives to employers, neglecting the welfare of their employees. Moreover, there is no requirement for employers to ensure job security in order to qualify for government funding.

Witness the power of collective action! Thanks to the media campaign launched by '121' along with its 50 partners, tangible progress has been made.

The policies and even the law itself have undergone revisions to reflect the pressing needs of those aged 67 and above. And here's the exciting part – the Knesset has just granted a whopping 75% of the last salary as a monthly grant, up to a maximum amount of 4,000 shekels!

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