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The "Springboard" – Partnership for Investment in the Workforce of the Future
Considerably Reduce The Deduction Of Support To Employed Senior Citizens

Meals Program For At-Risk Youth Secondary Schools

Promote a government program to feed high school students who need it

In Israel, there is currently no systemic response to the problem of hunger among students at secondary schools; unlike elementary schools, which benefit from a meals program targeted at the geographic and social periphery. Our policy research, conducted with the assistance of aid organizations and school networks, indicates that at least 54,000 students in secondary schools deal with hunger, hindering their studies.

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דואגים לתלמידים הרעבים - פרויקט 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי
תלמידה בשיעור - פרויקט תלמידים רעבים 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Currently, we are working to organize a group of stakeholders and experts. This group will advocate with decision makers to establish a meals program targeted at secondary schools for at-risk youth, where the needs and urgency are most acute. Following that, we will work on a program that addresses the needs of all secondary schools.