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Together, we will improve social services in Israel

Meals Program For At-Risk Youth Secondary Schools
Considerably Reduce The Deduction Of Support To Employed Senior Citizens

The "Springboard" – Partnership for Investment in the Workforce of the Future

Together with the field organizations, activists and employers, employees and the economy will be promoted to the 21st century

Over the past year, we have established a partnership of business sector and civil society organizations. The partnership operates as a civic pressure group, which seeks to expand and improve government investment in vocational studies for adults outside the academic track. Our goal is that every year, 50,000 people will be trained by through government programs, whereas currently only 14,000 take part in such programs. High quality training will ensure participants are gainfully and productively employed in a wide range of occupations and sectors.

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To achieve this goal, we propose a comprehensive reform of government vocational training programs. We will advance this reform by engaging decision makers, both civil servants and elected officials, and by catalyzing a public debate that will move this issue to the top of the national agenda. requesting a change in the public perception of the importance of the issue. 

טלי ניר מציגה את המקפצה

In the Springboard, the various stakeholders combine forces to tackle this national challenge: employers, civic groups, vocational training providers, opinion leaders and experts. Partners include: “Tzurim” (established by the Steff Wertheimer Foundation); Beyachad Foundation; Fidelio Foundation; WIZO; Rashi Foundation; “Ruach Hagalil” (led by Raya Strauss); Manufacturers’ Association; ORT; Cisco; Ross Foundation; Association of Craft and Industry; The Foundation for Socio-Economic Development; Zionut 2000; Al Fanar; Kemach; Association of Youth Centers; Erez College; Consul; Adult Education Association; Be-Atzmi; Handesaim TLV; Gal College; Momentum; Moona; Boaz Zafrir (Maman); Dita Bronitzky (Ormat); and Dalia Narkis (formerly of Manpower).

ישיבת שותפים למקפצה

Dan Prat, Executive Director, Steff Werttheimer Foundation, commented: “Our organization works in the field and doesn’t have its own policy unit. Because of the partnership with 121, we had a breakthrough in our work with the government, particularly in the complex process of policy change.  We greatly appreciate 121’s ability to connect a diverse range of organizations and stakeholders, mobilizing them to take part in a process of genuine change.”