Make It Happen

Together, we will improve social services in Israel

The "Springboard" – Partnership for Investment in the Workforce of the Future
Meals Program For At-Risk Youth Secondary Schools

Considerably Reduce The Deduction Of Support To Employed Senior Citizens

Amending the National Insurance Law and allow them to earn a living and contribute to the economy

In collaboration with "Vehadarta", we work to facilitate the employment of people past retirement age. Our first goal is amending the National Insurance Law, in order to cancel or considerably reduce the deduction of support to employed senior citizens. Today, between the retirement age (62 for women and 67 for men) and 70, 60% of any amount earned above 5,850 Sheqels is reduced from National Insurance benefit. A person earning above 9,600 shekels a month is not entitled to a benefit at all. In combination with income and payroll taxes, effective marginal tax rates can reach 104% for those earning between 6,000 and 9,500  Sheqels.

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In the future, we intend to advance additional policy objectives, including employer incentives and loosening mandatory retirement rules.

עובדת בגיל השלישי נמצא בסדנת תעסוקה בגיל השלישי

In the Springboard, the various stakeholders combine forces to tackle this national challenge: employers, civic groups, vocational training providers, opinion leaders and experts. Partners include: “Tzurim” (established by the Steff Wertheimer Foundation); Beyachad Foundation; Fidelio Foundation; WIZO; Rashi Foundation; “Ruach Hagalil” (led by Raya Strauss); Manufacturers’ Association; ORT; Cisco; Ross Foundation; Association of Craft and Industry; The Foundation for Socio-Economic Development; Zionut 2000; Al Fanar; Kemach; Association of Youth Centers; Erez College; Consul; Adult Education Association; Be-Atzmi; Handesaim TLV; Gal College; Momentum; Moona; Boaz Zafrir (Maman); Dita Bronitzky (Ormat); and Dalia Narkis (formerly of Manpower).