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Our team consists of professionals with expertise and experience in policy research and analysis, advocacy, and campaigning. They’re supported by the experts on our public council, who generously donate their vast skills, knowledge, and experience to enhance our impact.


רועי מאור מנהל פיתוח מדיניות

Roi Maor
Deputy CEO & Policy Director

Prior to 121, Roi worked for more than a decade in different social change organizations in Israel, including serving as the Deputy Director of Merchavim – the Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel. Roi is a current board member and consultant to diverse organizations in the fields of human rights, media, shared society and education. He holds an MA in History.

טלי ניר מנכלית 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Tali Nir
Executive Director

Tali is a social entrepreneur, lawyer,and journalist. She previously served as Deputy Director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Israel’s foremost human rights organization, where she led many successful campaigns in the field of social and economic rights. Tali previously served as a Legal Assistant at the State Attorney’s Office, and as a legal reporter, editor and presenter on Israel’s primetime Channel 2 News and Galei Tzahal radio. She holds an LLB from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a European Masters in Law and Economics and a Masters in International Public Law, with honors, from the University of Amsterdam.

Liat Eilam
Partnerships & Activities VP

Liat is a social activist with more than two decades’ experience in informal education. Over the years, she has established and directed numerous informal educational frameworks for youth alongside other social initiatives. Prior to joining 121, Liat managed the youth municipal center of Herzliya, and directed youth and volunteer programs at the Kfar Saba municipality. She holds a BA in Criminology and a Teaching Certificate in Special Education.

Yekutiel Meshi
Advocacy & Government Relationst Director 

Former advisor to the Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Interior and Development of the Negev and Galil. Yekutiel served as the head of a college for psychotherapy at the Magid Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, aimed at the Ultra-Orthodox sector, and worked for 25 years as a journalist in the fields of economics, social welfare, and handling public inquiries at Galat”z (Galei Tzahal), Channel 1 and the radio station "Kol Barama". Yekutiel holds a Bachelor's degree in Education.

Snir Shefer
Digital Director

Snir is an expert in website development and digital marketing. He has built e-commerce websites and run effective social media campaigns for businesses and social organizations throughout Israel. He holds a BA in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing.

Shira Lorentz Reiner
Advocacy & Activism Coordinator

As a social activist, Shira previously ran an organization that supported girls serving as lone National Service recruits, and has also served as a parliamentary advisor to two Members of Knesset. Shira holds a Bachelor's degree in Education, in addition to a teaching certificate and a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Yael Dagan (Avran)
Resource Development Coordinator

Entrepreneur and activist in social organizations for the past twenty years in various roles, including project management and resource mobilization. Served for a decade as the Deputy Spokesperson for the French Embassy in Israel. Journalist, blogger, and networking expert. Holds a Master's degree in Political Communication from Bar-Ilan University.

Keren Arkin
Partnerships Coordinator

A master's student in public policy at Tel Aviv University, holding a bachelor's degree in psychology and gender studies. Head of the Social Involvement Department in the Tel Aviv University Students Association. Volunteering at "Lo Omdot Me’negged," an organization assisting prostitution survivors.

רות שטרן-קטרי - חוקרת מדיניות עמותת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Ruth Stern-Katry
Policy Researcher

A researcher in applied social research. A social activist in the fields of education, gender, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities. Initiated and advanced several local social initiatives in these areas. Previously worked as an architect in planning and consulting in the areas of physical accessibility (buildings, infrastructure and environment) and service accessibility for people with disabilities for large projects and bodies such as health institutions, education and local authorities, public building projects, commercial buildings, and infrastructure and transportation projects. In addition, she lectured on accessibility in professional training courses. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Science, an additional Bachelor's degree in Architecture and a teaching certificate, and a Master's degree in Public Policy.

Noam Hugi

Has six years of experience in journalism. Worked for two years as an investigator at Channel 13 News. Subsequently, served as a researcher for two seasons in the investigative program "Citizen Goeta" on Channel 11. Worked as a communications consultant at "Kamhazi" PR firm in the capital market department.

Meital Shoshan
Graphic designer and Illustrator

Owner of SoBetty Studio in Tel Aviv since 2009, focusing on design and illustration for nonprofit organizations, environmental projects and corporate clients.

תמר רוזנטל עמותת 121

Tamar Rosenthal
Administration & Human Resources Coordinator

A sociology and social work student at Tel Aviv University. Has a background in working with teenagers. Formerly a tribe coordinator in the Scouts Movement.

Public Council

יוסף זעירא - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Yosef Zeira

Economics Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializing in macroeconomics, growth and inequality. He is also a member of the Finance Ministry Advisory Board and serves as President of the Israel Economics Association.

יוסי קוצ'יק - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Yossi Kuchik

Chair of the Israel Direct Insurance group, owner of Yossi Kuchik Enterprises, Management and Consulting Ltd. Former Director General of the Prime Minister's Office.

רינה מצליח - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Rina Matzliach

Former Leading commentator for Israel’s Channel 2 News, presenter for the “Meet the Press” program on Channel 2, and the “What’s the Hurry?” show on Galei Tzahel Radio. She holds an MA in Communications and is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel Journalists Association.

מיטל בנשק - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Meital Bonchek

Vice President of the Briah Fund that promotes women’s rights in health care, a political and social activist for the new Right focusing on advancing women and disadvantaged populations. She lives in Maale Adumim.

איתן זינגר - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Eitan Singer

CPA, CEO and co-owner of Probook, co-founder of Spacing. Professor of Marketing at two colleges, and board member of Israel’s Marketing Association. Former CEO of Zap, Rest and Dyunon, and VP of Publicis Ariely.

במבי צורי - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Bambi Tzuri

Strategic-regulatory consultant, specializing in health, welfare, law and education. Board member of the Ruth Vrobel Foundation, former Vice President of Gilad Lobbying, and parliamentary aide to MK Moshe Arens.

דוד בן גיגי - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

David Ben Gigi

Government relations consultant and entrepreneur, Chair of the Jerusalem District Council of the Association of IDF Veterans with Disabilities. Former Chief of Staff to Deputy Minister of Transportation, Tzippi Hotovely.

נסרין חדאד חאג' יחיא - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Nasreen Hadad Haj Yehia

Head of the program for Jewish-Arab relations at the Israel Democracy Institute, completing her PHD on employment among Arab young adults in Israel, board member of the non-profit Ajeel. She lives in Taybeh.

Shoshi Shtub

Media and government relations consultant. Former Marketing VP for the Kol Barama radio station and the Haredi College in Jerusalem. Worked with Adina Bar Shalom to expand Ultra-Orthodox access to higher education.

איריס פריד מייזל - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Iris Fried-Mayzel

CEO of Logos Communications, a media relations firm. Senior strategic consultant with a wealth of experience in leading campaigns and crisis management.

הרב דר רפי פוירשטיין

Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein

President of The Feuerstein Institute. Rabbi of the National Religious community in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood. Co-Chair of Tzohar – an organization that seeks to strengthen a shared Jewish identity across Israeli society. Rabbi Feuerstein holds a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and an MA from the University of Paris 8 in France.

גרניט אלמוג ברקת - ועדה מייעצת 121 מנוע לשינוי חברתי

Granit Almog-Bareket

Director of the Alumni Unit at the Mandel Foundation, Chair of “Hakhlama Halomit” thatsupports children with chronic disease.

Ishai Wureit

Independent Consultant in Communications and Regulation. Until recently, he served as the head of the Communications and Regulation Department at Discount Bank. Previously, he held roles including the Corporate Communications Manager for Teva Pharmaceuticals in emerging markets and CEO of the lobbying firm Gilad. Yishai was an editor and producer at “Galei Tzahal” (IDF Radio) and, after his discharge, joined the Maariv newspaper, where he worked as a stock market correspondent and editor of the daily economic section. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and the Executive MBA program at the university.

Lior Finkel-Perl

Executive Director at Committed to Give. Selected for Israel’s Leading business news, Globes 40 under 40 in 2020, for outstanding contribution to Israel’s civil society: “Where other see crisis, Finkel-Perl sees – opportunity. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, while thousands of NGOs faced financial crisis, Finkel-Perl spearheaded the civil society’s ‘operation room’ that served as a trusted communication channel between NGOs and the Israeli government. Thanks to her leadership, the fight for government funding for NGOs in crisis, concluded in a 300 million NIS allocation, enabling a continuous provision of services”.

Ilan Karwan

Senior manager at Intel Israel with extensive experience in information systems, systems engineering, and global management. He has a BA in Computer Science and an MA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He lives in Modiin.

טלי יריב משעל מועצה ציבורית 121

Tali Yariv-Mashal

Jurist and Educational Policy Expert. Former CEO of the Beracha Foundation, a philanthropic fund focusing on education, environment, and culture. During her tenure, she initiated educational entrepreneurship programs for teachers and principals, including the "Mifas" program, the "Fund for Encouraging Entrepreneurship”, "Mindset", and more. She promoted urban sustainability, and diverse and original arts and culture. She served as the chairperson of the Foundations Forum, a professional community of about 100 philanthropic funds active in Israel. She teaches at the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University and conducts research on managing philanthropic funds and social organizations.

Hanan Rubin

Social-business entrepreneur, educator, and publicist. He established, managed, and partnered in social organizations such as the "Awakening" movement in Jerusalem, the "Upside Down Hat" association, the "New Spirit" association in the Teachers' Organization, the "Attention Revolution" association, and the "Derech Eretz" association. Additionally, Rubin is a member of the management committee of the Israel Museum and the pre-military preparatory network "Between Heaven and Earth." Previously, he was a council member of the Jerusalem Municipality on behalf of the "Awakening" movement, holding portfolios for youth, families, and students, chairing the municipal support committee, the ethics committee, and a member of the urban planning and construction committee.

Yoav Shechter

Public policy expert, working in the lobbying field for the past three decades. He manages a Global Center of Excellence at Merck & Co Inc., where he evaluates new technologies for the company's use in public policy. Yoav has a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University, a Master's degree in the same field from the University of Amsterdam, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His doctoral research focused on interest groups in the pharmaceutical industry and how these companies influence public policy in the European Union.